Frog Dissection Fun at VCJH!
Posted 02/08/2019 02:03PM

Seventh grade Life Science students had the opportunity to dissect a frog this week. Using scientific equipment and fabulous precision, students looked at the external and internal organs, and used their knowledge of previous dissections to identify parts of the frog. The students were surprised at the relatively small size of the heart and the seemingly oversized liver. 

Here are some of the students' comments:

Mya Martin, "I enjoyed learning how to determine the gender of the frog by looking at its thumb pad."

Avery Maloney, "I enjoyed taking photos and then looking back at them, understanding what each organ did."

Lindsey Campagna, "I liked how we worked with partners and were able to share the workload."

Casey Smith, "It was a fun experience and it was a mini version of the frog."

Hemanth Nandakumar, "It was a unique experience to be exposed to another organism and see its insides; and it was pretty cool to know you look the same way inside."

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