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From Thursday, February 28 to Sunday, March 3, 2019 - 103 Valley Christian students traveled to Anaheim, California to compete in the 2019 DECA State Career Development Conference. The Valley Christian Chapter performed exceptionally well, with 49 students placing in Top 10 and 28 students placing in Top 4 to qualify for the International Conference this April.

The conference started on Thursday with the Opening Ceremony, where Giselle Roque, a Valley Christian junior, sang the National Anthem. On Friday, after students competed in their Roleplay Events, our DECA chapter bonded over fun chapter times. Some students went to Disneyland, while others traveled to the Anaheim Packing District for dinner.  Saturday was filled with anxiety and excitement as students presented their Written Events and then headed to the mini awards ceremony.

Finally, on Sunday morning the Top 10 overall winners in each event for California were announced at the Grand Awards Ceremony. Our Chapter cheered as Elisa Zhang, a Valley Christian junior, was announced as the new California State DECA 2019-2020 President!

Valley Christian DECA Co-President, Someswar Amujala stated, “This past State Conference was truly an incredible experience. As a senior in DECA, it’s inspiring to see how much our chapter has grown through the years in terms of pure numbers as well as looking at how many people qualified for ICDC. We are the second largest chapter to represent CA DECA on the ICDC delegation! I loved seeing how connected and supportive our chapter was, celebrating for every award and working together to achieve collective success. While I’m saddened that this will be my last State Conference, I can’t wait to see what VC DECA will do in the future.”



Anaheim Feb 28, 2019 - March 3, 2019



1st Place:

Dave Ho & Weilun Zhang - ETDM

Athena Chang & Daniel Huang - FOR

Allison Wagner - IMCE

Lyon Li  & Sophia Nguyen - LEP

Kayla Kelsall - PMK

Sandhya Bellary & Lauren Smith & Kristine Tran - PRP

Andrew Gaskell - PSE

2nd Place:

Elisa Zhang  & Someswar Amujala - HTDM

Rachel Hu & Kayla Kelsall  & Nikhita Sujan - PRP

Dave Ho, Weilun Zhang, Someswar Amujala - VBC

3rd Place:

Allison Dao  - AAM

Daniel Huang & Lyon Li - BTDM

Prasanna Jayaganesh - PFL

4th Place:

Rhea Basarkar - AAM

Abida Diep & Evelyn Tran - CSP

Serena Pei  & Jennifer Song & Allene Yue - EIP

Daniela Obringer - SEM

5th Place:

Raj Sadafule - EIP

Tevin Wang & Spencer He - ESB

Athena Chang & Abida Diep - FTDM

Yash Rao & Saad Sayed - IBP

8th Place:

Sandhya Bellary & Lauren Smith - BLTDM

Yaseen Elashmawi - BMOR

Milan Brito & Yaseen Elashmawi  - MTDM

9th Place:

Ria Dutta - HRM

10th Place:

Saad Sayed & Derek Tan - ETDM

Alex Lam & Kristine Tran - HTMD

Rhea Basarkar - IMCE

Milan Brito & Shaan Parol & Giselle Kate Roque - IMCP

Virtual Business Challenge - Personal Finance
- Round 2 winners

Someswar Amujala, Weilun Zhang & Dave Ho


California DECA - 2nd Largest Membership Increase - Plaque awarded to Valley Christian

38 Valley Christian DECA members have been selected to represent California DECA at this year’s International Career Development Conference in Orlando, Florida. Valley Christian has the 2nd largest group of individuals competing at ICDC compared to the other California High Schools. We are so happy with the accomplishments of our members this year and cannot wait to grow as a Chapter.


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