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7:40 AM

Aerospace Engineering

My first class of the day is Aerospace Engineering. We’re learning about circular, elliptical, parabolic, and hyperbolic orbits and how they are different from one another. My teacher gave us a lesson on orbital mechanics. I find this subject interesting because I want to become a pilot. What makes this class intriguing is how passionate my teacher is. I can tell he truly loves teaching us. After the lesson we worked on our rocket for our launch coming up next month. 

High School students listen to their science teacher's lesson

Valley offered very engaged learning with the teachers and students in class. He loved chemistry, math, computer science, history, philosophy, and learning about the world and global perspectives. After four years, he has become such a knowledgeable young man with passion of learning in science, technology, and humanity.– Yanmin Tao, VCS Parent

High school student writes an equation on the board

9:20 AM

Trig/Precalc AB

After grabbing a snack and hanging out with friends during our first break, I headed to my Trig class. We have been memorizing the unit circle and today we had a quiz on it. I can retain the information and we’ve had lots of practice, so I wasn’t too worried about it. Math comes easy to me. What makes it so interesting is how it can be used in everyday life.  

12:30 PM

Lunch Warrior Warz

At lunch I headed to the locker rooms to get ready to participate in the Bubble Soccer game. This week is Warrior Warz. A week long event in which each grade competes against each other in order to win the Warrior Warz trophy. My class is against the seniors. The seniors always seem to win, but our grade has been in the lead all week. We lost the Super Smash Brothers Tournament but we won the basketball game which put us ahead. Luckily on Friday the Lip Sync groups will go head-to-head to gain each grade more points. Of course, we will have to try and beat the teacher’s in basketball on Friday, and they haven’t lost in years. I think if we win Bubble Soccer and Lip Sync we may have a chance of winning. Hopefully I can score my grade a few points. I am so excited!

High School students play bubble soccer
High School students listen to their teacher's lesson one raises a hand

1:05 PM

 Philosophy in Literature

Now that lunch is over, I have my Philosophy in Literature class.  We have been reading Lord of the Flies by William Golding.  Today we have a Socratic seminar which involves the class moving our chairs to form a circle to discuss the reading and our thoughts on the book. I love the Socratic seminars because it lets my classmates and I share our opinions and feelings about the novel.

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