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Junior High Welcome Guide

Junior High School Events



Student’s math placement will be based on teacher recommendations, report cards, and standardized test scores. If students have taken or are currently taking a math course outside of their current school, the course transcripts and a letter of recommendation from the teacher, if possible, should be added to the student's application to ensure it is considered when the student’s math placement is determined.


Parents will receive information to assist their child with their iPad setup. The information will be initially sent in the month of August and the communication will continue until the start of school. Click here to view further iPad requirement details


A variety of optional summer programs will be offered during the months of June through August. These programs may be offered on a daily or weekly basis. They will assist students in the preparation for the coming school year and help familiarize them with our campus. The details will be available on, in the month of March.


We encourage new parents to join us for dinner and a chance to connect with our Principal and the VCS community.

Wednesday, August 2  | 5:30-9:00pm
*This event is for adults only


We encourage you to save the date of August 9. During the day our new students will participate in our campus welcoming events and receive information needed for the start of school. In the evening, parents will have an opportunity to attend parent-specific special presentations.

Wednesday, August 9
*This event is for students only 

All 6th Grade Students

  • 12:00pm to 2:30pm - All grade 6 students will meet in the Large Gym

  • Take your school picture and get your student ID card

  • Receive your class schedule

Transfer Students 7th and 8th Grades

  • 9:30am to 11:30am - All transfer students will meet in the HS Theater

  •  Take your school picture and get your student ID card

  • Receive your class schedule


All students will have an opportunity to request their courses for next year. This includes their required courses of math, English, history, Bible and P.E. as well as their elective choices, both semester and yearlong.

6th-grade students are required to take 1 semester-long class (Intro to Technology). Students will have online access to the Elective Course Descriptions and will be asked to select preferred and alternative elective courses. Students should take their time making selections. Important Information about Elective Selection: Some electives require students to complete an application or audition in order to qualify for that course. That information will be noted in the Elective Course Descriptions. So please read the description carefully. Students will be notified by email if they are accepted into the class, so that they can make the appropriate elective selections before the deadline.

Monday, April 17
Counselor Connect: Course Information Night

April 18 – April 28
Course Selection Window